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Staff Training & Experience

Our technical and project management expertise enable us to undertake any project having produced a risk assessment and method statement prior to commencement in line with construction design management best practice.

Experienced operators

We know that we have to be highly responsive in order to satisfy clients. Civil Engineering projects require precise work: our operators’ skills are highly tested, and all are CITB & CPCS qualified.

Health and Safety

Civil works and construction projects operate in environments that can posses a great risk to the workforce. Cannon Hire conforms strictly to the Health and Safety rules that are prescribed on-site. All staff hold Constructions skills health and safety training certification and emergency first aid training.

Our plant is highly visible via flashing beacons and hi-visibility livery on support vehicles. Any other specification that is required for a project can be organised through the office.

Cannon Hire work alongside utility companies to maintain or supplement the infrastructure ensuring the minimization of loss of service due to leak or disconnection. Small plant and JCBs are ideal for utility work. We have a comprehensive fleet of machines for meeting this requirement.

As Cannon Hire’s renewal of equipment is an ongoing practice, you are always hiring machines with all the latest health and safety considerations.

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